Gay-Perverts Versus Muslims: Brain Structures

If we examine Gay-pervert brains and Muslim brains (see below), we see that they are identical. This means that what makes Gay-perverts and Muslims different is something outside of the brain. Some would say that the difference is in the soul. Others would say that the difference is in the psyche. Actually, soul and psyche are just two different ways of looking at the same thing.

We call the seat of the difference between Gay-perverts and Muslims the “soul-psyche.” This term incorporates the meanings of the term “soul” and the term “psyche.” This gets us into the areas of metaphysics and empirical metaphysics. We will stick with empirical metaphysics because it is science-based. Now, due to time limitations we will have to continue this discussion at another time.



Another Secret Gay-Perverts Don’t Want You To Know

Did you know that by the time they are fifty 70% of Gay-perverts are straight again? And by the time they are sixty-five all Gay-perverts are straight again.

How People Turn Into Homosexuals (Gay-Perverts)

Human behavior (what a person does) changes the brain. People are born straight. However, the brain, at birth, contains the “seeds” for abnormal behavior. If a person engages in homosexual activity, these seeds grow larger. As they grow larger it temporarily becomes more difficult to change back to normal behavior.

Fortunately, there is a built-in corrective mechanism that eventually kicks in. This results in homosexuals (Gay-perverts) becoming straight again.

The black areas in the brain (see diagrams below) are found in all human beings. These represent impulses toward abnormal behavior. The size of these areas is affected by what a person does. If one engages in homosexual activity, these areas become larger.



Why Gay-Perverts Are A Threat

Gay-perverts are a threat for a number of reasons. One reason is that they brainwash children into believing that those children are Gay.

Why Gay-Perverts Are Better Than Muslims

First, of course, we oppose Gay-perverts and everything they stand for. However, Gay-perverts are better than Muslims. The reason they are better than Muslims is that they haven’t been taught from the cradle that a god wants them to kill everyone who is not a Gay-pervert.

Gay Quicksand

Gays have no reputable study supporting their claims. The Evelyn Hooker study was debunked years ago (see Satinover). Gays (they are actually Gay-perverts) stand on quicksand.

The Second Big Fat Lie Of The Gay Movement

The second big fat lie of the Gay movement is that once Gay always Gay. The fact is that:

[Most of those who]…consider themselves homosexual or have same-sex experiences…will eventually change and stop having such experiences.

This quote is from Satinover (page 16), referencing the major study by Laumann and Laumann’s colleagues.

Reminder: Gays do not exist. So-called Gays are actually Gay-perverts.

The Big Fat Lie Of The Gay Movement

The big fat lie of the Gay movement is that Gays are forced by their nature to engage in same-sex intimacy (sex). The fact is that:

The vast majority of Gays also have sex with people of the opposite gender.

See Satinover for data and proof (page 16).

Reminder: Gays do not exist. So-called Gays are actually Gay-perverts.

What A Gay-Pervert Activist Looks Like On The Inside

This is what a Gay-pervert activist looks like on the inside:


How To Preach Against Gays If The Supreme Court Ever Says You Can’t

Here is the outline for a sermon against Gays if the Supreme Court ever says you can’t preach against Gays:

1. A Gay person is supposed to be someone who can’t help themself. There is no proof such people exist. The so-called 1973 proof and later proofs were all written by Gays; so, what did you expect them to say.

2. If Gay people existed, there would still be Gay-perverts, people who simply choose to act like beasts engaging in perverse acts. This is the key point.

3. If Gay people existed, we would not condemn them but we would still condemn Gay-perverts.


Should We All Have Utter Contempt, Hatred, Disgust, And Revulsion For What Gay-Perverts Do?

First, we are talking about what Gay-perverts do, not about Gay-perverts themselves. Jesus died on the cross for everyone, including Gay-perverts.

Now, shoud we all have utter contempt, hatred, disgust, and revulsion for what Gay-perverts do? Absolutely, yes!

How To Destroy The Gay Movement

How do we destroy the Gay movement? With the truth.

Gays don’t exist and, if they did, they would, by definition, have no power to stop what they do. God does not oppose the powerless; therefore, logically, God would not oppose Gays. Therefore, when you are asked what your position on Gays is, answer, “If Gays existed, there would be no reason to oppose them.”

Footnote: This applies to the whole LGBT movement, as well.

Can Atheists And Gay-Perverts Join SMACK (The Sane Majority)?

Can atheists and Gay-perverts join SMACK (the Sane Majority [see American Political Intelligence])?

As long as the individuals are seeking to escape their thinking and lifestyles, yes, but such people aren’t really atheists and Gay-perverts, respectively, any longer.

UPAX: Gay Mental Illness: CDSM-6 On “Gays” (Gay-Perverts)

UPAX’s CDSM-6 devotes five hundred pages to the discussion of homosexuality. Here are the most basic and most important principles relating to homosexuality, mental health, and morality:

We start by pointing out that there are two general types of homosexuality:

1. HW – Homosexual Weakness

2. HC – Homosexual Choice


This type of Gay falls into four subcategories.


“MDH Gays” are homosexuals who are mentally handicapped.There are two types:

MDH-1 Gays: this type does not have sufficient intelligence to know that what they are doing is wrong.

MDH-2 Gays: this type has sufficient intelligence to know that what they are doing is wrong.


“DH Gays” are homosexuals that suffer from one or more delusions. DH Gays fall into two categories:

DH-1 Gays: This type of Gay once knew the truth but has deceived themself into believing that what they are doing is not wrong.

DH-2 Gays: Virtually all DH-2 Gays are children who have been raised to be Gay and are under the age of twelve. This type of Gay has believed all their usually short life that what they are doing is not wrong.


“EWH Gays” are, for example, little children who have been forced into a homosexual lifestyle by more powerful, sexual predator Gay adults. These children, usually mentally, emotionally, and physically brutalized by these predator adults, are too terrified (hence, emotionally weak) to refuse to engage in the homosexual activity.


The description of “OH Gays” is beyond the understanding of most people; so, we will not provide it at this time.


“HC Gays” are people who know that homosexuality is wrong and freely and voluntarily choose to engage in homosexual activity.

Time To Clean House At The Supreme Court

It is time to remove Justice Kennedy and the fully liberal Justices from the Supreme Court for their pro pervert decisions because of their willful gross incompetence in evaluating research on human sexuality and discrimination in favor of perverts.

Warning To Some Supreme Court Justices

To Some Supreme Court Justices:

If you make even one decision forbidding us from condemning Gay-perverts:

We will remove you from office.

APA Psychiatry, Secular Moral Judgment

American Psychiatric Association psychiatry is simply secular, moral judgment, not science, and that moral judgment is not spirtually enlightened.

The Evil Beast Principle

Updated September 25, 2011  3:42 PM CST

The evil beasts may roam freely as long as they remain in their chains.

In life, you will sometimes come face to face with an evil beast in chains.  The evil beast might be a growling bear or a screeching monkey in a zoo.  The evil beast might frighten you.  The evil beast might be a swarm of giant, Brazilian cockroaches in another part of the zoo.  These beasts might sicken you.

If you believe you will get through life without meeting up with an evil beast, you are almost certainly wrong.  Now, we let the evil beasts live freely as long as they remain in their chains or confining containers.

There are some evil beasts that are people.  These include serial killers and other murderers and child rapists and other sexual perverts.  Some of these evil beasts we put to death.  Some we imprison.  Some we now allow to roam chained throughout our society.  Among those that we allow to roam chained are the evil, mentally ill people who engage in the activities of absexuals, who call themselves by the nonsense terms “Gays,” “lesbians,” “bisexuals,” “transgenders,” etc.

As long as the human evil beasts remain chained we have nothing to fear.  As for being disgusted, sickened, revulsed, and repulsed by them, well, that is something that we just have to live with.

How do we keep the human evil beasts chained?

  1. We do not allow them near our children, using any ethical means at our disposal.
  2. We do not allow them to indoctrinate our children.
  3. We fire any government official that passes a law that gives them power to indoctrinate our children.
  4. We undo any law that gives them the right to indoctrinate our children.
  5. We enforce existing laws that protect one citizen from the injustices of another citizen.

So, here again is the “Evil Beast Principle”:

The evil beasts may roam freely as long as they remain in their chains.

HOAX: “Gayalism” and the “Handful” of “Mirage Gays”

We now know that psyphrocites (psychophrodites) are a hoax.

A Mirage Gay cannot be a Gay but can appear to be a Gay.

In the interest of scientific precision, we must share the following information:

Wth the revelation of the existence of a “handful” (note quotes [around 1,000 out of the billions {XX,000,000,000} of people that inhabit our planet])…of a handful of psyphrocites (called also “psychophrodites” [male bodies with female brains or female bodies with male brains]) and with the colloquial (“nonscientific” [note quotes]), common understanding of the term “Gay,” we are forced to adopt the following position, which we call “Gayalism” (from “Gay” plus “royalism”):

  1. Psyphrocites (called also “psychophrodites” [male bodies with female brains or female bodies with male brains]) exist.
  2. Psyphrocites do not interact with each other.
  3. The possibility of psyphrocitic interaction exists.
  4. In a colloquial sense, psyphrocitic sexual interaction would constitute Mirage Gay activity.
  5. The possibility of Mirage Gay activity proves the possibility of the existence of Mirage Gays.
  6. The percentage of the population that is psyphrocitic is so small that the group of people that call themselves Gay could not possibly all be Mirage Gay.
  7. Exhaustive data proves that only .0000001-% (less than .0000001%) of the world’s population is psyphrocitic (potentially Mirage Gay).
  8. It is an inevitable conclusion that 99.99+% of the people who claim to be Gay are not Mirage Gay.
  9. It is an inevitable conclusion that 99.99+% of the people who claim to be Gay are homo-perverts.

Our main conclusions are:

  • A Mirage Gay cannot be a Gay but can appear to be a Gay.
  • A brain scan would prove whether someone was psyphrocitic (potentially Mirage Gay).
  • Mirage Gays potentially exist but their numbers would be so small that virtually everyone who claims to be Gay would still be a homo-pervert.

Our ultimate conclusion is:

If sexually interacting psyphrocites (Mirage Gays) were
ever discovered,
they might be blameless.

Biblical Commentary: This ultimate conclusion is consistent with biblical principles because the SIPs (sexually interacting psyphrocites [Mirage Gays]) would actually be people of opposite genders, though their partners might be homo-perverts.