The “Trojan Couch”


How the Mental Health Associations Misrepresent Science

We now know that psyphrocites (psychophrodites) are a hoax.

[Only the United States Psychiatric Association (formerly the National Psychiatric Association) does not misrepresent science.]

By Jeffrey B. Satinover, M.D., Ph.D.1 (Research Paper)

By Dr. Michael Bisconti, Ph.M.D., Ph.D. (“Gay Is Not” Website)

[A Single Research Paper That Proves Gays Don’t Exist]

[The nonexistence of Gays begs the question “What, then, are people who call themselves “Gay?”  There is only one possible answer – homo-perverts.]

HOAX: Critical March 27, 2013 9:33 AM CST Update


The Approximately 1000 Psychophrodites In The World

“The ‘Trojan Couch'” paper begins immediately below.

Fairytales remind us of those simple truths that, as adults, we no longer wish to accept. “The Emperor’s New Robes” shows us that in every generation, on certain matters, a whole society – its experts, its most admired, respected, and trusted leaders and counselors – will adopt as authoritative a complete illusion. Some of my psychiatric and psychological colleagues have woven for themselves their own set of illusory robes of authority, and for the past thirty-five years have been proclaiming doctrines in the public square that depend upon the authority that derives from the public’s belief that these robes exist. In particular, they have claimed to the Supreme Court that the scientific data show that homosexuals form a “class” whose boundaries are defined by a stable “trait.” This presumption is false, yet the recent Supreme Court decisions pertaining to same-sex marriage have taken it for granted.   Part I of the paper reviews the history of the diagnostic change that in 1973 removed homosexuality as a formal disorder from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), a change that many now accept as simply indisputable in spite of the fact that it was based wholly on fiction.   Parts II and III analyze the psychiatric guilds’ massive misrepresentation of the scientific record in the Supreme Court’s Lawrence v. Texas and Romer v. Evans cases. Part IV examines a key section of the two briefs used to define homosexuality as a “class,” a claim which (under precedent jurisprudence) depends upon homosexuality being an innate and immutable trait. (Racial “class” status is dependent upon “race,” a par ameter that is relatively static with fixed meanings across studies.)   Part I. The APA, the DSM, and Homosexuality The Campaign Begins. A lifelong hard-left political activist, the psychologist Evelyn Hooker is more than anyone else credited by believers with having demonstrated that homosexuality is normal. Even today, almost fifty years after its publication in 1957 in Projective Testing, her “The Adjustment of the Male Overt Homosexual” is the only paper referenced in detail on the main website of the American Psychological Association in its discussion of Gay and Lesbian issues,

Footnotes:   1Jeffrey Satinover is a psychiatrist and physicist. He is Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Science and Mathematics, The King’s College, New York City and Visiting Scientist, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. The present work reports on research conducted while teaching constitutional law in the department of politics at Princeton University and consulting to groups writing briefs in various state and federal Supreme Court cases.

APA Psychiatry, Secular Moral Judgment

American Psychiatric Association psychiatry is simply secular, moral judgment, not science, and that moral judgment is not spirtually enlightened.

The Evil Beast Principle

Updated September 25, 2011  3:42 PM CST

The evil beasts may roam freely as long as they remain in their chains.

In life, you will sometimes come face to face with an evil beast in chains.  The evil beast might be a growling bear or a screeching monkey in a zoo.  The evil beast might frighten you.  The evil beast might be a swarm of giant, Brazilian cockroaches in another part of the zoo.  These beasts might sicken you.

If you believe you will get through life without meeting up with an evil beast, you are almost certainly wrong.  Now, we let the evil beasts live freely as long as they remain in their chains or confining containers.

There are some evil beasts that are people.  These include serial killers and other murderers and child rapists and other sexual perverts.  Some of these evil beasts we put to death.  Some we imprison.  Some we now allow to roam chained throughout our society.  Among those that we allow to roam chained are the evil, mentally ill people who engage in the activities of absexuals, who call themselves by the nonsense terms “Gays,” “lesbians,” “bisexuals,” “transgenders,” etc.

As long as the human evil beasts remain chained we have nothing to fear.  As for being disgusted, sickened, revulsed, and repulsed by them, well, that is something that we just have to live with.

How do we keep the human evil beasts chained?

  1. We do not allow them near our children, using any ethical means at our disposal.
  2. We do not allow them to indoctrinate our children.
  3. We fire any government official that passes a law that gives them power to indoctrinate our children.
  4. We undo any law that gives them the right to indoctrinate our children.
  5. We enforce existing laws that protect one citizen from the injustices of another citizen.

So, here again is the “Evil Beast Principle”:

The evil beasts may roam freely as long as they remain in their chains.

HOAX: “Gayalism” and the “Handful” of “Mirage Gays”

We now know that psyphrocites (psychophrodites) are a hoax.

A Mirage Gay cannot be a Gay but can appear to be a Gay.

In the interest of scientific precision, we must share the following information:

Wth the revelation of the existence of a “handful” (note quotes [around 1,000 out of the billions {XX,000,000,000} of people that inhabit our planet])…of a handful of psyphrocites (called also “psychophrodites” [male bodies with female brains or female bodies with male brains]) and with the colloquial (“nonscientific” [note quotes]), common understanding of the term “Gay,” we are forced to adopt the following position, which we call “Gayalism” (from “Gay” plus “royalism”):

  1. Psyphrocites (called also “psychophrodites” [male bodies with female brains or female bodies with male brains]) exist.
  2. Psyphrocites do not interact with each other.
  3. The possibility of psyphrocitic interaction exists.
  4. In a colloquial sense, psyphrocitic sexual interaction would constitute Mirage Gay activity.
  5. The possibility of Mirage Gay activity proves the possibility of the existence of Mirage Gays.
  6. The percentage of the population that is psyphrocitic is so small that the group of people that call themselves Gay could not possibly all be Mirage Gay.
  7. Exhaustive data proves that only .0000001-% (less than .0000001%) of the world’s population is psyphrocitic (potentially Mirage Gay).
  8. It is an inevitable conclusion that 99.99+% of the people who claim to be Gay are not Mirage Gay.
  9. It is an inevitable conclusion that 99.99+% of the people who claim to be Gay are homo-perverts.

Our main conclusions are:

  • A Mirage Gay cannot be a Gay but can appear to be a Gay.
  • A brain scan would prove whether someone was psyphrocitic (potentially Mirage Gay).
  • Mirage Gays potentially exist but their numbers would be so small that virtually everyone who claims to be Gay would still be a homo-pervert.

Our ultimate conclusion is:

If sexually interacting psyphrocites (Mirage Gays) were
ever discovered,
they might be blameless.

Biblical Commentary: This ultimate conclusion is consistent with biblical principles because the SIPs (sexually interacting psyphrocites [Mirage Gays]) would actually be people of opposite genders, though their partners might be homo-perverts.