A Simple Proof That Gays Don’t Exist

Gays are supposed to have “a genetic makeup that compels them to have sex with people of the same gender.” However:

More than 99% of people who call themself “Gay” also have sex with people of the opposite gender.

(See page 16 of //uspsych.org/TheTrojanCouchSatinover.pdf and Footnote 1 below). So much for the “compels…sex with…the same gender.”

The compulsion is disproven; therefore, the Gayness is disproven.

Footnote 1: “…the vast majority also have heterosexual experience—less than 1% do not….” See page 16 of //uspsych.org/TheTrojanCouchSatinover.pdf. This is quoted by Dr. Satinover from the work by Laumann et al., p. 311.

Footnote 2: The “less than 1%” (see Footnote 1 above) are indeterminate and, therefore, do not support the classification of “Gay.”

Footnote 3: There are those who would try to refute this article by drawing you into a jargon discussion. Just remember that anyone who cannot explain their jargon to you is a fraud.