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The main theme of our website is the fact that Gays do not exist. (So-called “Gays” are actually Gay-perverts.)

How Gays Twist a Child’s Mind (358 KB)

How Gays Tricked the Supreme Court (288 KB)

DSM-UPAX (10.2 MB)

The United States Psychiatric Association has proved that Gays do not exist and that Gays are actually Gay-perverts.

If Gays existed, there would still be Gay-perverts; for example, pedophiles.

The “Trojan Couch”


How the Mental Health Associations Misrepresent Science

We now know that psyphrocites (psychophrodites) are a hoax.

[Only the United States Psychiatric Association (formerly the National Psychiatric Association) does not misrepresent science.]

By Jeffrey B. Satinover, M.D., Ph.D.1 (Research Paper)

By Dr. Michael Bisconti, Ph.M.D., Ph.D. (“Gay Is Not” Website)

[A Single Research Paper That Proves Gays Don’t Exist]

[The nonexistence of Gays begs the question “What, then, are people who call themselves “Gay?”  There is only one possible answer – homo-perverts.]

HOAX: Critical March 27, 2013 9:33 AM CST Update


The Approximately 1000 Psychophrodites In The World

“The ‘Trojan Couch'” paper begins immediately below.

Fairytales remind us of those simple truths that, as adults, we no longer wish to accept. “The Emperor’s New Robes” shows us that in every generation, on certain matters, a whole society – its experts, its most admired, respected, and trusted leaders and counselors – will adopt as authoritative a complete illusion. Some of my psychiatric and psychological colleagues have woven for themselves their own set of illusory robes of authority, and for the past thirty-five years have been proclaiming doctrines in the public square that depend upon the authority that derives from the public’s belief that these robes exist. In particular, they have claimed to the Supreme Court that the scientific data show that homosexuals form a “class” whose boundaries are defined by a stable “trait.” This presumption is false, yet the recent Supreme Court decisions pertaining to same-sex marriage have taken it for granted.   Part I of the paper reviews the history of the diagnostic change that in 1973 removed homosexuality as a formal disorder from the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), a change that many now accept as simply indisputable in spite of the fact that it was based wholly on fiction.   Parts II and III analyze the psychiatric guilds’ massive misrepresentation of the scientific record in the Supreme Court’s Lawrence v. Texas and Romer v. Evans cases. Part IV examines a key section of the two briefs used to define homosexuality as a “class,” a claim which (under precedent jurisprudence) depends upon homosexuality being an innate and immutable trait. (Racial “class” status is dependent upon “race,” a par ameter that is relatively static with fixed meanings across studies.)   Part I. The APA, the DSM, and Homosexuality The Campaign Begins. A lifelong hard-left political activist, the psychologist Evelyn Hooker is more than anyone else credited by believers with having demonstrated that homosexuality is normal. Even today, almost fifty years after its publication in 1957 in Projective Testing, her “The Adjustment of the Male Overt Homosexual” is the only paper referenced in detail on the main website of the American Psychological Association in its discussion of Gay and Lesbian issues,

Footnotes:   1Jeffrey Satinover is a psychiatrist and physicist. He is Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Science and Mathematics, The King’s College, New York City and Visiting Scientist, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. The present work reports on research conducted while teaching constitutional law in the department of politics at Princeton University and consulting to groups writing briefs in various state and federal Supreme Court cases.

Gay-Perverts Versus Muslims: Brain Structures

If we examine Gay-pervert brains and Muslim brains (see below), we see that they are identical. This means that what makes Gay-perverts and Muslims different is something outside of the brain. Some would say that the difference is in the soul. Others would say that the difference is in the psyche. Actually, soul and psyche are just two different ways of looking at the same thing.

We call the seat of the difference between Gay-perverts and Muslims the “soul-psyche.” This term incorporates the meanings of the term “soul” and the term “psyche.” This gets us into the areas of metaphysics and empirical metaphysics. We will stick with empirical metaphysics because it is science-based. Now, due to time limitations we will have to continue this discussion at another time.



Another Secret Gay-Perverts Don’t Want You To Know

Did you know that by the time they are fifty 70% of Gay-perverts are straight again? And by the time they are sixty-five all Gay-perverts are straight again.

How People Turn Into Homosexuals (Gay-Perverts)

Human behavior (what a person does) changes the brain. People are born straight. However, the brain, at birth, contains the “seeds” for abnormal behavior. If a person engages in homosexual activity, these seeds grow larger. As they grow larger it temporarily becomes more difficult to change back to normal behavior.

Fortunately, there is a built-in corrective mechanism that eventually kicks in. This results in homosexuals (Gay-perverts) becoming straight again.

The black areas in the brain (see diagrams below) are found in all human beings. These represent impulses toward abnormal behavior. The size of these areas is affected by what a person does. If one engages in homosexual activity, these areas become larger.



Why Gay-Perverts Are A Threat

Gay-perverts are a threat for a number of reasons. One reason is that they brainwash children into believing that those children are Gay.

Transgender Boy. Are You Kidding Me?

Unless the girl’s brain scans showed the definitive presence of a male brain, which is unheard of, the parents are insane for allowing their little girl to function as a little boy.

On a related matter, we now know that psyphrocites are a hoax . Psyphrocites were supposed to be male bodies with female brains and female bodies with male brains. See // and //

Why Gay-Perverts Are Better Than Muslims

First, of course, we oppose Gay-perverts and everything they stand for. However, Gay-perverts are better than Muslims. The reason they are better than Muslims is that they haven’t been taught from the cradle that a god wants them to kill everyone who is not a Gay-pervert.

Pneumiatry Versus Psychiatry

Pneumiatry teaches you how to keep your sanity. Psychiatry teaches you nothing.

Psychiatry is actually a collection of competing groups. These groups, in effect, do not agree with each other about anything.

Pneumiatry has a 100% success rate.

Psychiatry has a 0% success rate though it has been used by the legal system to help to keep many murderous psychopaths off the streets.

Mind Healers Are Fools

This article is intended for people who are in control of all of their faculties. If you feel like you are losing control, go and see someone, whether it be a friend, a pastor, a priest, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, etc., etc.

Do not turn to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other so-called “mind healers” for knowledge of how your mind works. I am a psychologist and psychiatrist and I will tell you that these mind healers are fools!

However, among their writings, here and there, you will find some important truths. Therefore, I recommend that you consult their writings. Do not, however, go to the psychologist and psychiatrist authors themselves. This is because they are in it for the money and, more important, because they are not teachers but rather are obfuscators. Obfuscators deliberately make it impossible to learn. The reason they do this is that, if you knew what they know, you wouldn’t need them anymore and they would stop making money.

Now, I have spent over 50 years reading, reviewing, and studying their writings and have extracted all of the vital information that you need. In addition, my research team has, collectively, spent over 10,000 years adding to my research and my technology team has used our AI supercomputer Collosus and our Nemesis program (a next-generation statistical program) to extract over ten billion pages of critical published content from the massive libraries of behavioral science (“mental science”) writings.

Gay Quicksand

Gays have no reputable study supporting their claims. The Evelyn Hooker study was debunked years ago (see Satinover). Gays (they are actually Gay-perverts) stand on quicksand.

The Second Big Fat Lie Of The Gay Movement

The second big fat lie of the Gay movement is that once Gay always Gay. The fact is that:

[Most of those who]…consider themselves homosexual or have same-sex experiences…will eventually change and stop having such experiences.

This quote is from Satinover (page 16), referencing the major study by Laumann and Laumann’s colleagues.

Reminder: Gays do not exist. So-called Gays are actually Gay-perverts.

The Big Fat Lie Of The Gay Movement

The big fat lie of the Gay movement is that Gays are forced by their nature to engage in same-sex intimacy (sex). The fact is that:

The vast majority of Gays also have sex with people of the opposite gender.

See Satinover for data and proof (page 16).

Reminder: Gays do not exist. So-called Gays are actually Gay-perverts.

What A Gay-Pervert Activist Looks Like On The Inside

This is what a Gay-pervert activist looks like on the inside:


How To Preach Against Gays If The Supreme Court Ever Says You Can’t

Here is the outline for a sermon against Gays if the Supreme Court ever says you can’t preach against Gays:

1. A Gay person is supposed to be someone who can’t help themself. There is no proof such people exist. The so-called 1973 proof and later proofs were all written by Gays; so, what did you expect them to say.

2. If Gay people existed, there would still be Gay-perverts, people who simply choose to act like beasts engaging in perverse acts. This is the key point.

3. If Gay people existed, we would not condemn them but we would still condemn Gay-perverts.


Should We All Have Utter Contempt, Hatred, Disgust, And Revulsion For What Gay-Perverts Do?

First, we are talking about what Gay-perverts do, not about Gay-perverts themselves. Jesus died on the cross for everyone, including Gay-perverts.

Now, shoud we all have utter contempt, hatred, disgust, and revulsion for what Gay-perverts do? Absolutely, yes!

How To Destroy The Gay Movement

How do we destroy the Gay movement? With the truth.

Gays don’t exist and, if they did, they would, by definition, have no power to stop what they do. God does not oppose the powerless; therefore, logically, God would not oppose Gays. Therefore, when you are asked what your position on Gays is, answer, “If Gays existed, there would be no reason to oppose them.”

Footnote: This applies to the whole LGBT movement, as well.

Can Atheists And Gay-Perverts Join SMACK (The Sane Majority)?

Can atheists and Gay-perverts join SMACK (the Sane Majority [see American Political Intelligence])?

As long as the individuals are seeking to escape their thinking and lifestyles, yes, but such people aren’t really atheists and Gay-perverts, respectively, any longer.